A true sprint car net, this three strap net is specially designed to be wide enough to pick up the shoulder and the head, but not hinder vision or "gettin' up on the wheel". Made from Polyester or Kevlar for low elongation and high strength, this SFI 37.1 net also features our red handle quick release so you can quickly escape fire.
Left and right side are available

The R3 out performs yoke style devices in all impacts. The low top allows for easier exit. Can be used with all seatbelts (including 3 point) and is the only SFI restraint that can be used without Seatbelts!

This Device is also available in an "In Seat" version. This version allows the driver to exit the car while leaving the device in the car which is ideal for race cars with small openings to get in and out of the car.

The chest strap in this version is eliminated and angular straps connect to the top of seat belt buckle instead. When the driver un-hooks the seatbelt, the device un-hooks as well. A winged device pad Velcro's the device to the seat only to hold it in position when not hooked up to the driver. This version is the perfect option for pro-stock, pro-mods, and for tight confines.

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