Late Model Stock Car upgrades

Next week RCC gets back to it’s roots with a late model stock car updates. Suspension and drive train evaluation, then modify for type of tracks car will compete at.

One car is a Reactive Chassis Co. coming back for 2012 suspension upgrades. Second is a Leicht chassis coming for evaluation and updates.

James’ Rebel 911 Project Pics

James came to Reactive Chassis Co. wanting to back half his Porsche 911. Once we understood the project we really got serious!
Installing a Chevrolet LS1 Corvette engine into the stock 4 cylinder location required additional support and functionality to the chopped roof line of this Porsche 911.
RCC tied the roof and door bars to the unibody and added a shock tower support member which assisted with the lateral and torsional loads that the V8 Chevy was introducing to this 911.
James’ comment “was I can not believe the strength the cage added while reducing weight of the car.”