Reactive Chassis Co readies for expaniding customer base!

To better serve our growing customer base, Reactive Chassis Co. is preparing to move to a new facility.

The facility will be located near Spencer Speedway at Rte 104 and Rte 350 in Ontario NY.

Reactive Chassis Co has been designing and building race winning chassis for more than 20 years.

Services include; Asphalt chassis, upgrades and repairs for Late Model, Modifieds and Super Stocks. For Dirt we design and build Street Stocks and Pure Stocks .

Reactive Chassis Co. also builds cars for drifting, entry level classes, auto cross, SCCA racing.

Please contact Dan Koonmen to see how we can help you.

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Marchese Wins NYS Stock Microd Championship

Josh Marchese won the NYS Stock Microd Division title with a clean sweep of all 4 State races. Josh’ Reactive Chassis Co. designed microd, outfitted with the new Tanner Vision Shock package developed with Kelly Tanner was dominant all season long winning 3 of the 4 heat races as well.

This is Josh’ first state title. Congrats to him and the entire Josh Racing Team!

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Cheetham Wins 2012 Super Stock Championship in Reactive Chassis

Terry Cheetham won the 2012 Spencer Speedway Super Stock Championship in a Reactive Chassis Co. designed chassis.

Terry’s smooth driving style complimented by the Reactive Chassis Co. chassis made for an unstoppable force winning 8 races during 2012. Terry stated “the car was fast all year and we never had to put new tires on it”.

Reactive Chassis Co. can help you achieve the same results! Call for a consultation.

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2013 Orders

Reactive Chassis is taking orders for 2013. Attention Street Stock  & Super Stock Asphalt and Dirt Teams; Look to Reactive Chassis for that difference in speed and safety. We have been taking our customers to the front for years. Let our 30 plus years of racing make the difference for you!

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New Tanner Vision Racing Shocks

Reactive chassis Co. has installed the hot new Tanner Vision Racing shocks on a NYS microd.

According to Kelly Tanner, who is working closely with Reactive Chassis to develop a custom shock package; The ability of the Vision shock is; to hook up immediately, no lap or two required to bring the shock into optimum operating range, then be able to perform at the same optimum rate for an extended period of time, gives the Vision shock it’s superiority.

Reactive Chassis Co. has decided to use the Tanner line exclusively for Microd and Quarter Midget racing and  understands the advantages, as NYS Microd races tend to be caution filled events.

Call Dan to work on a custom race package for your chassis.

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Late Model Stock Car upgrades

Next week RCC gets back to it’s roots with a late model stock car updates. Suspension and drive train evaluation, then modify for type of tracks car will compete at.

One car is a Reactive Chassis Co. coming back for 2012 suspension upgrades. Second is a Leicht chassis coming for evaluation and updates.

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James’ Rebel 911 Project Pics

James came to Reactive Chassis Co. wanting to back half his Porsche 911. Once we understood the project we really got serious!
Installing a Chevrolet LS1 Corvette engine into the stock 4 cylinder location required additional support and functionality to the chopped roof line of this Porsche 911.
RCC tied the roof and door bars to the unibody and added a shock tower support member which assisted with the lateral and torsional loads that the V8 Chevy was introducing to this 911.
James’ comment “was I can not believe the strength the cage added while reducing weight of the car.”

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Hebing wins at Shangri-La II

Bill Hebing shook off the season long string of bad luck and put the final race of 2011 in the win column.
Fast off the trailer, Hebing started 4th and patiently worked his way to the front and mastered some late race cautions to hold off the competition.
Hebing savored the feeling of victory that had eluded him all season and celebrated with his EJM Energy, Cobra Motor Coaches, Eagle Auto Parts racing team with an extended stay in Victory Lane.

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Safety Solutions Hybrid Restraint Receives FIA Approval

Simpson Performance Products Receives
FIA Approvals

June 30, 2011, New Braunfels, Texas, USA – The Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) has approved the Simpson / Safety Solutions Hybrid Head Restraint and the Rally and Competitor Racing Gloves for use in FIA sanctioned competition, effective immediately.

Trevor Ashline, inventor of the Hybrid Head Restraint, had the following to say, “The FIA approval represents a real milestone for us. It speaks to our dedication to providing world class neck protection for racers. We are extremely proud of having organizations like the FIA add their stamp of approval to our design, as one of only two approved designs in the world. I have to thank everyone involved for their hard work and dedication to this project. It is important to note that we have the first FIA approved alternative to the HANS Device, giving racers more choices and benefits to consider. The Hybrid offers improved protection from multiple angles, a low profile for easy entry and exit from the race car and reduced body load, thus it is a comfortable device to wear.”

Chuck Davies, CEO for Simpson adds, “Simpson is committed to providing the highest level of safety to racers. Our acquisition of Safety Solutions in December of 2010 was an important piece of the puzzle for Simpson, in working toward our goal of a comprehensive and strong offering of racing safety products for a global sport. Trevor Ashline and the team from Safety Solutions are a valuable asset in our technology advances. The approval of the Head Restraints adds to our range of FIA approved racing products which includes suits, belts, gloves and undergarments.”

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Reactive Chassis Microds are winning everywhere!

State races and home tracks, Reactive Chassis Co. cars are winning everywhere.
Josh Marchese wins 3 of 4 features on Wednesday night at Sodus Microd Track, ending a dry spell for Josh Racing #13 MR1 team.
2 Microd feature wins and 1 Open Wheel feature win with a close 3rd in the second Open Wheel feature.

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